Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost Trailers

3/5 2.5/5.0

Original title Land of the Lost
Category Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
UK Release Date
Production year 2009
Production Country
Directors Brad Silberling
Cast Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, Danny McBride, Jorma Taccone, Matt Lauer, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Sierra McCormick, Shannon Lemke, Stevie Wash Jr., Brian Huskey, Kevin Buitrago, Noah Crawford, Jon Kent Ethridge, Logan Manus, John Boylan
Distributor Universal Pictures


The Marshall family are Rick the dad, Will the son and Holly the pig tailed daughter. While on a camping trip in the great outdoors, an earthquake sends their little yellow raft plummeting down a huge waterfall into a land that time forgot.