Men on the Bridge

Men on the Bridge Trailers

Original title Köprüdekiler
Category Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2010
Production Country
Directors Aslı Özge
Cast Cemile Ilker, Umut Ilker, Fikret Portakal
Distributor Verve Pictures


Spanning the divide between Europe and Asia, Istanbul's gridlocked Bosphorus Bridge is the focal point of MEN ON THE BRIDGE, a wonderful portrait of life in the rapidly changing sprawl of today's city. Following the lives of three young inhabitants from the suburbs who use the bridge daily, the film uses non professional actors to tell their individual stories as their paths occasionally cross and they struggle to realise their aspirations. Unemployed Fikret (17) illegally sells roses in the traffic jam on the bridge, and would do anything to have a real job. Umit (28)) drives a shared taxi, crossing the bridge every day, hoping that the work will allow him to rent a better apartment to satisfy his wife Cecile. Traffic cop Murat, who is stationed on the bridge, feels alone amongst the solid line of cars. Every night at home, he logs onto the internet, hoping that he might one day find love on line. Originally from Eastern Turkey, he finds the city a lonely place. Unaware of each other Fikret, Umut and Murat intersect in the rush hour every day, along with millions of other Instanbulites, coping with the challenges of life in this frenetic city. Their stories are simple and universal, and are bought alive by the first rate performances of the excellent cast.