Nanny McPhee Returns

Nanny McPhee Returns Trailers

4/5 3.6/5.0

Original title Nanny Mcphee Returns
Category Comedy, Fantasy
UK Release Date
Production year 2010
Production Country
Directors Susanna White
Cast Emma Thompson, Asa Butterfield, Ralph Fiennes, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maggie Smith, Rhys Ifans, Daniel Mays, Bill Bailey, Ewan McGregor, Eros Vlahos, Sam Kelly, Sinéad Matthews, Oscar Steer, Lil Woods, Katy Brand
Distributor Universal Pictures


Oscar®-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson returns to the role of the magical nanny in the next chapter of the hilarious and heartwarming fable that has enchanted children around the world. In the latest installment, Nanny McPhee appears at the door of a harried young mother, who is trying to run the family farm while her husband is away at war. But once she’s arrived, Nanny McPhee discovers that the children are fighting a war of their own against two spoiled city cousins who have just moved in and refuse to leave. Co-starring Academy Award-nominees Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ralph Fiennes, Rhys Ifans, and Academy Award-winner Maggie Smith.