Ondine Trailers

Original title Ondine
Category Romance, Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2009
Production Country
Directors Neil Jordan
Cast Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, Colin Farrell, Gemma Reeves, Dervla Kirwan, Tony Curran, Norma Sheahan, Stephen Rea, Alison Barry, Mary O'Shea, Marion O'Dwyer
Distributor Paramount Pictures


"Ondine" is the enchanting story of Syracuse, a lonely fisherman who one day pulls a beautiful woman named Ondine out of the sea in his nets. His young daughter Annie is convinced that she is a "selkie" -- a creature from Irish folklore much like a mermaid. Syracuse has his doubts, but as Ondine brings some luck and joy to his otherwise downcast life, he starts to come around as well. "Ondine" deftly blends romance and fantasy with the realism of modern life in an Irish seaside town.