Taxi Zum Klo

Taxi Zum Klo Trailers

Original title Taxi zum Klo
Category Drama, Comedy, World Cinema
UK Release Date
Production year 1980
Production Country
Directors Frank Ripploh
Cast Frank Ripploh, Bernd Broaderup, Tabea Blumenschein, Magdalena Montezuma
Distributor Paradiso Entertainment BV


It was the film that shocked and delighted audiences the world over. It was seized by US Customs, restricted to screenings in private clubs in London and Paris and terrified the Mary Whitehouse establishment. Welcome to the aftermath of Frank Ripploh – school teacher, film director, and insatiable sex addict! Taxi Zum Klo lifts the lid on the life of a constant cruiser – Frank even corrects homework in public toilets as he waits to score. One evening, he meets sweet natured Bernd, but while they are similar, the need to sleep around applies only to Frank. For how long will Bernd and Frank tolerate each other's habits, and for how long can Frank keep his sexual orientation out of the classroom? Fully restored and re-mastered, with exclusive extra features, Peccadillo Pictures are extremely proud to present an important addition to the gay cinema archive – uncut!