The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room Trailers

Original title The Waiting Room
Category Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2007
Production Country United Kingdom
Directors Roger Goldby
Cast Anne-Marie Duff, Ralf Little, Rupert Graves, Frank Finlay, Zoe Telford
Distributor Lionsgate Films UK


The Waiting Room tells the story of two separate groups of friends, partners, colleagues and lovers, living and working alongside each other in Balham and yet completely unconnected - until a chance encounter at a train station throws all of their lives onto a different track. Anna (Anne-Marie Duff) single-handedly brings up daughter Charlie since separating from her father Toby (Adrian Bower). She lives next door to Jem (Zoe Telford) and George (Rupert Graves), who are married with a small boy. Jem and Anna are close friends and share all their secrets - with the one exception being that Anna is having a hurried and largely unsatisfactory affair with George. Meanwhile, Stephen (Ralf Little) and Fiona (Christine Bottomley) live together nearby and while Fiona is suddenly keen to start a family, Stephen is unsure whether he can commit - despite pressure from Fiona and even her parents (Allan Corduner and Lizzy McInnerny). Stephen works in a local old people's home and loves it, building relationships with all the residents, especially Helen (Phyllida Law) and Roger (Frank Finlay). Helen is growing frail while Roger is forever disappearing to the train station to meet his wife despite the fact that she died some years before. On one of these forays Stephen goes to collect Roger and bumps into Anna. A brief conversation has a huge impact on them both and leaves each wondering about the other, pitching their unhappy home lives into sharp relief. They don't even know each others' name and yet they know that there is a connection. As their individual lives move onwards they find themselves thinking more and more of the stranger they met in the waiting room - and what would happen should they meet again.