The Warlords

The Warlords Trailers

Original title 投名狀
Category Action, Drama, History
UK Release Date
Production year 2007
Production Country
Directors Peter Chan, Raymond Yip Wai-Man
Cast Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Xu Jinglei, Wei Zongwan, Gu Bao-Ming, 周波, Guo Xiaodong, Shi Zhaoqi, Wang Kuirong, Guo Peng, Ding Kai, Oscar Sun, Wong Dung-Dung, 余皑磊
Distributor Metrodome Distribution


In the year 1850, the suffering of the 430 million Chinese people under the corrupt rule of the Qing dynasty set the stage for the Taiping Rebellion. During the chaos of the decade long civil war, 50 million people died from either hunger or battle. In the fall of 1870, General Pang (played by Jet Li) stands high atop the city walls fully attired in governor's robes. Peering down upon the site of his inauguration, he is filled with dreams and ambition. Pang has taken a path of no return; had he chosen differently, he might have been one of the heroes to later overthrow the corrupt Qing imperial regime and establish a new China…