True Legend

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Original title Su Qi-Er
Category Action, Fantasy
UK Release Date
Production year 2010
Production Country
Directors Yuen Woo-ping
Cast Vincent Zhao, Zhou Xun, Andy On, Guo Xiaodong, Jay Chou, Michelle Yeoh, Feng Xiaogang, David Carradine, Cung Le, Gordon Liu Chia-Hui, Liu Geng-Hong, Jiang Luxia, Leung Kar-Yan, Jacky Heung, Yan Ni
Distributor Optimum Releasing


All his life, Su Can has been pursuing the summit of martial arts. There are two things he holds dearest to his heart: the dream of creating a unique kind of martial art that will pass on to generations; and his beloved wife. Su has a happy family and his wife is the joy of his life. But owing to a twist of fate and his own stubbornness, Su's perfect life begins to fall desperately apart.