Michael Starke

The 51st State

of Ronny Yu with Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Carlyle, Emily Mortimer, Meat Loaf, Rhys Ifans, Sean Pertwee, Ricky Tomlinson, Michael Starke, Anna Keaveney, Paul Barber, Stephen Walters, Nigel Whitmey, Mac McDonald, Michael J. Reynolds, Junix Inocian

Category Thriller, Comedy, Action
UK Release Date

Distant Voices, Still Lives

of Terence Davies with Freda Dowie, Pete Postlethwaite, Lorraine Ashbourne, Michael Starke, Angela Walsh, Dean Williams, Sally Davies, Susan Flanagan, Nathan Walsh, Debi Jones, Vincent Maguire, Marie Jelliman, Antonia Mallen, Anne Dyson, Jean Boht

Category Drama
UK Release Date