Peter Marshall

The Horseman

of Steven Kastrissios with Brad McMurray, Peter Marshall, Evert McQueen, Christopher Sommers, Bryan Probets, Hannah Levien, Robyn Moore, Jack Henry, Caroline Marohasy, Steve Tandy, Damon Gibson, Ron Kelly, Warren Meacham, Greg Quinn, Chris Betts

Category Thriller, Crime
UK Release Date

Stormy Monday

of Mike Figgis with Alison Steadman, Sean Bean, Melanie Griffith, Tommy Lee Jones, Prunella Gee, Sting, James Cosmo, Scott Hoxby, Heathcote Williams, Mark Long, Brian Lewis, Andrzej Borkowski, Peter Marshall, Dorota Zieciowska, Caroline Hutchison

Category Romance, Crime, Drama
UK Release Date


of Neal Israel with John Ritter, Harvey Korman, Fred Willard, Chief Dan George, Richard Schaal, Peter Riegert, Nancy Morgan, Meat Loaf, Elvis Costello, Howard Hesseman, Jay Leno, Peter Marshall, Nellie Bellflower, Zane Buzby, Terence McGovern

Category Comedy
UK Release Date