Cherry Tree Lane

Cherry Tree Lane Trailers

Original title Cherry Tree Lane
Category Crime, Thriller
UK Release Date
Production year 2010
Production Country
Directors Paul Andrew Williams
Cast Rachael Blake, Jennie Jacques, Tom Kane, Tom Butcher, Ashley Chin, Jumayn Hunter, Sonny Muslim, Kieran Dooner, Corinne Douglas
Distributor Metrodome Distribution


From award winning writer / director Paul Andrew Williams (LONDON TO BRIGHTON and THE COTTAGE), CHERRY TREE LANE is an authentic British horror about a vicious clash of two utterly opposed cultures. Christine and Mike are normal parents living in a semi-detached house on suburban street CHERRY TREE LANE. They don't realise it, but a desperate and terrible situation is just minutes away. They sit and eat their evening meal, discussing the day's events at work. Christine answers the door to a group of three teenage boys asking after her son Sebastian for a kick around. Telling them he is out, she closes the door and returns to her meal. The door goes again. This time, as Christine opens the latch, a sudden unexpected attack leads to a terrifying house invasion. Striking at the heart of the deepest suburban fears and played out in real time, CHERRY TREE LANE explores what happens when a living nightmare bursts into the home you assumed was safe.