How Stella Got Her Groove Back

How Stella Got Her Groove Back Trailers

Original title How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Category Comedy, Drama, Romance
UK Release Date
Production year 1998
Production Country
Directors Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Cast Whoopi Goldberg, Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs, Regina King, Michael J. Pagan, Suzzanne Douglas, Richard Lawson, Barry Shabaka Henley, Lee Weaver, Glynn Turman, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, James Pickens Jr., Sicily Johnson, Denise Hunt, Lisa Hanna


Through good times and bad, Stella and Delilah have always had each other. Now, Stella's so busy building a life that she's forgotten how to really live. But Delilah is about to change all that. What starts as a quick trip to Jamaica, end as an exhilarating voyage of self discovery as Stella learns to open her heart and find love - even if it's with a man 20 years younger than her.