The Money Pit

The Money Pit Trailers

Original title The Money Pit
Category Comedy, Romance
UK Release Date
Production year 1986
Production Country
Directors Richard Benjamin
Cast Billy Lombardo, Leslie West, Lucille Dobrin, Douglass Watson, Maureen Stapleton, Tom Hanks, Shelley Long, Yakov Smirnoff, Alexander Godunov, Joe Mantegna, Philip Bosco, Josh Mostel, Carmine Caridi, John van Dreelen, Brian Backer


After being evicted from their Manhattan apartment, a couple buy what looks like the home of their dreams - only to find themselves saddled with a bank-account-draining nightmare. Struggling to keep their relationship together as their rambling mansion falls to pieces around them, the two watch in hilarious horror as everything - including the kitchen sink, disppears into the Money Pit.