Elvis Has Left the Building

Elvis Has Left the Building Trailers

Original title Elvis Has Left the Building
Category Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2004
Production Country
Directors Joel Zwick
Cast Kim Basinger, John Corbett, Annie Potts, Sean Astin, Tom Hanks, Denise Richards, Angie Dickinson, Mike Starr, Richard Kind, David Leisure, Joel Zwick, Pat Morita, Gil McKinney, Roy Costley, Philip Charles MacKenzie


Harmony had an encounter early in life with the young Elvis, and can't seem to shake his influence. Now a Pink Lady selling cosmetics, she seems to inadvertently bring harm to any Elvis impersonators she encounters. After a bizarre car accident leaves a slew of them dead, Harmony goes on the run from the authorities, hooking up with a downtrodden ad exec who has Elvis troubles of his own.