For Ellen

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Original title For Ellen
Category Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2012
Production Country
Directors So Yong Kim
Cast Paul Dano, Jon Heder, Jena Malone, Margarita Levieva, Dakota Johnson, Julian Gamble, Alex Mauriello, Shaylena Mandigo, Mara Pelifian
Distributor Thunderbird Releasing


Aspiring rock star Joby Taylor (Paul DANO; Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood) finally agrees to sign divorce papers with his estranged wife but discovers he is about to forfeit all custody of his six-year-old daugher Ellen. Even though he has never been in his daughter's life, Joby suddenly realises he's not ready to give up his right to fatherhood and aided by his good natured lawyer (Jon HEDER; Napoleon Dynamite) sets across a wintry U.S landscape to try and see her before it is too late.